Weekly Lithium News Update!

Here it is!  All of the latest and greatest from the Lithium sector from this past week can be found below:

  • Shell CEO made a couple of bold statements by calling a peak in oil coming in the late 2020’s and said his next vehicle purchase would be an EV.  Full article here.
  • Matt Bohlsen published his monthly lithium miner news update on Seeking Alpha, featuring The Lithium Spot!  Check out the well-written article here to get a recap of the major developments that occurred in July.
  • Mintel News published an article about Volvo’s recent move to go fully hybrid and consumer behavior surrounding EV adoption.  They note that cheap gas has stalled adoption, but economies of scale in EV production can help overcome that issue.  Full article here.
  • Altura Mining announced that they have completed a $110 million senior secured debt facility.  The proceeds will allow completion of construction and commissioning of Altura’s lithium operation at Pilgangoora in Western Australia.
  • Elon Musk gave us a look inside the Tesla Model 3’s interior.  Check it out here!
  • Energy Storage- The NY Times wrote about Green Mountain Energy’s efforts to turn homes, neighborhoods, and towns into virtual power plants.  They are helping homes generate their own electricity and store it in systems like Tesla’s Powerwall.  By doing so, they will reduce the amount of electricity they draw from regional transmission systems during peak hours, thus reducing the fees paid as well (a savings they plan to pass along to consumers).  Read the full article here.
  • ICYMI: We published our outlook on Albemarle Corporation.  As the largest producer in the space, we believe they are well positioned to ride the coming lithium boom and deliver strong returns for shareholders.  Read the full post here.
  • Bearing Lithium Corp Director Kirk Edward sold off 20,000 shares this past week.  News clipping found here:
  • The Guardian came out with a comprehensive overview of the Electric Car supply chain.
  • The Australian did a review of Rio Tinto’s Lithium ambitions.
  • LSC Lithium’s CEO resigned this past week and their Chief Operating Officer will be taking over.  News announcement found here:


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