Weekly Lithium News Update Has Arrived!

Welcome to our weekly Lithium news update!  


Here are some of the interesting stories that popped up over the past week:



  • We talked about a new application for Lithium where research suggested Lithium found in drinking water would help lower dementia risk.  You can read more here:


  • SQM, one of the largest Lithium suppliers reported earnings this week.  Their earnings announcement can be found here.  


  • Bacanora Minerals provided an update on their Sonora Lithium Project update.  We will highlight in our supply III post which is coming out shortly that they stand little chance of supplying the market until 2020.  According an earlier update from ALB, the company had hoped to produce by 2018.  To learn more, see their recent press release found here:http://ir1.euroinvestor.com/IR/Files/RNSNews/255092/BacanoraMinerals_13674240.pdf


  • Matt Bohlsen came out with his monthly report on Lithium found here where our ALB Lithium Juggernaut article was featured.  Our original article can be found here:


In case you missed it, we did a write up following SQM’s earnings report which can be found here!



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