Weekly News Update – The EV Craze Continues

It was a busy and exciting week within the Lithium world!  We’re excited to bring you all the latest and greatest here:  

  • There were many electric vehicle updates.  Some of the most exciting ones were as follows:  
    • BMW’s mini generated a lot of buzz.     
  • We’ve spent a lot of time on our site talking about management and on our twitter account talking more specifically about insider buying.  Most recently, we spoke about Lithium America’s newly appointed independent director David Evans who purchased 50,000 shares at $.837 (~C$1.04) in the open market.  Since then, shares have rallied around 30%.  
  • Over the last few weeks, many of the major Lithium companies reported earnings.  The latest to do so was Orocobre.  You can read our follow up thoughts on their earnings report here.  
  • Interesting new research found a way to eliminate dendrite formation in Li-ion batteries, making them safer.  You can read more on that here.  
  • The London Metal Exchange is considering adding a Lithium contract to “tap the electric car boom.”  This would be quite a development should it happen since the Lithium market does not have a lot of transparency with regards to pricing currently.  To read more, see here.  
  • ICYMI, we recommend that you read Matt Bohlsen’s EV news recap for the month of August found here.


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