Weekly News Update – Governments Hop on the Bandwagon

It was a busy and exciting week within the Lithium world!  We’re excited to bring you all the latest and greatest developments from the past week here:  

  • Major auto-makers join the budding Formula E circuit as pressure grows to ramp up electric-car development.  Read the full story here.
  • Bloomberg released another article about potential lithium shortages in the coming few years.  It’s great to see them continue to cover the lithium industry, and we hope that other mainstream outlets follow in their footsteps.  Read the full story here.
  • Scotland has joined the list of countries phasing out new petrol and diesel cars over the coming decades.  This is great news for electric vehicle (EV) uptake, and consequently lithium demand.  Read the full story here.
  • While we’re on the subject, Chinese EV company shares were up today as a result of the Chinese government mulling over whether or not they’d like to join that list of countries as well.  It has been well documented that China believes in the future of EVs given the governmental support and investment in the industry.  Thus, this news should not come as a surprise.  Read the full story here.
  • The Australian government announced last week that it will invest A$100m into greenfields exploration through The Junior Mineral Exploration Tax Credit.  This credit will help junior miners take risks to try and discover new deposits.  Although it is not specific to lithium mining, the industry will certainly benefit from the governmental support.  Read the full story here.
  • In case you missed it: we published our outlook on Australian junior miner Altura Mining.  The stock is up over 15% since then, and may have a lot of room to go in our opinion!  Check out our analysis here!
  • Stay tuned because we will soon be publishing our thoughts on Lithium Americas and Pilbara Minerals!


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