The Lithium Spot Weekly News Recap

This past week was one of the busiest weeks in the Lithium & Electric Vehicle Space that we can recall.  As a result, we’ve broken our summary and analysis into two sections, Electric Vehicle Updates and Lithium Company News!

Electric Vehicle Updates:

  • The highlight of the week belongs to VW’s CEO who “vowed” to offer electric versions of all 300 models by 2030.  The bloomberg piece can be found here.
  • Daimler (owned by Mercedes) invested $60M in an Israeli startup called “StoreDot” which is focusing on charging EV’s in only 5 minutes!  Another sign that the EV industry continues to ramp up.
  • Speaking of batteries, Mashable reported that Samsung is working on its own electric car batteries in an effort to challenge Tesla.  Let’s recall that one of ALB’s most significant customers as noted in their “10K” is Samsung.  So it’ll be interesting to see how this will impact their business going forward.
  • Reuters profiled India’s up and coming Electric Car Industry which can be found here.  We also highlighted an article on our twitter page on India’s EV industry which was also of discussion by the Prime Minister of India.  Suzuki and Toshiba’s JV are also featured within this article which can be found here.
  • Interestingly, National Geographic had one of the most insightful features on EV’s which can be found here.  In particular, we recommend you read the paragraphs on Tesla’s innovation and the comparison to what had happened to Kodak with the introduction of digital cameras.  
  • Ending off our news on Electric Vehicles, Tesla was in the news for remotely increasing the range of their Electric Vehicles for those suffering in the wake of Hurricane Irma.  More on this can be found here.


Lithium Company News:

  • This past week brought great news for Lithium America’s and Nemaska.  Both companies were added to the S&P/TSX Canadian Indices.  Lithium America’s source is found here and Nemaska’s is found here.
  • Neometals was granted a provisional patent for their “Lithium Titanate Process.”  In an industry which is rather barren when it comes to competitive advantages, we thought this announcement as well as their announcement back in June about three U.S. Provisional patents is of particular interest, and is something which we will be looking into further.  
  • Millenial Lithium announced a capital raise of US $10 Million.  The proceeds are meant for “ongoing development and exploration activities, and for general corporate purposes.”  More on this can be found here.

Finally, ICYMI, we wrote up an article on the Lithium Oligopoly found here! 


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