Weekly News Recap

It was a busy and exciting week within the Lithium world!  We’re excited to bring you all the latest and greatest here:  

  • Green car reports wrote an interesting piece debating whether a country as large as China could successfully transition into an all EV market.  Read the full article here.
  • Segue Resources released interesting assay results last week, confirming significant lithium and tantalum mineralisation.  While they are far from production, this could be another interesting one to watch in Western Australia, especially given the ability to lower production costs by selling the tantalum byproduct. Read the full article here.  
  • One piece that really caught our eye went over ASX lithium producers and why they were lagging their fellow producers in terms of stock performance.  It caught our eye because Altura mining was not mentioned, while Pilbara was. Given that we recently published a piece on Altura, a potential new junior miner, centered around them flying under the radar while their peers, like Pilbara, are loved by investors, this article further reinforced that belief.  You can read the full piece here.
  • The Motley Fool published an article covering 3 lithium stocks investors can use to profit from the EV revolution.  We are always glad to see media coverage on the space, and hope that it continues.  You can read the full article here.
  • The chairman of $AVZ sold more “than a quarter of his stake” in the company.  At first blush, it is quite concerning for the Chairman of a public company to sell that much of stock.  The article and his response to the sale can be found here. Additionally, Howard Klein of the “Lithium Bull” newsletter spoke about this as well in his most recent email blast.
  • The state of oil demand is in jeopardy according to a piece by FT.  
  • Finally, Bloomberg published a sort of Electric Car overview titled “How Electric Cars Can Create The Biggest Disruption Since The Iphone.”
  • ICYMI: We published an article on Investing News Network’s (INN) Lithium Investing News section entitled “How to Participate in the Lithium Boom.”  As the first article in our partnership with INN, we were looking to provide readers with three different ways to participate in the emerging lithium boom depending on their ability to take an active role in researching and analyzing potential investments.  Read the full article here.


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