The EV Craze Reaches Historic Heights

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter!  This week, once again, the Electric Vehicle market reached historic heights.  As we’ve done in previous weeks, we broke out our weekly news update into two sections.  The first is all the latest news on the Electric Vehicle space and the second on Lithium Miners.

Electric Vehicle Updates:  

One of the most important developments was news from out of China.  The Lithium market, like many other commodity markets at various points, will be closely correlated to the Chinese market (more specifically in this case, the Chinese EV market) and as such, it is something all investors should watch closely.  

Unilever, one of the most well respected and well known companies worldwide committed to 100% electric vehicles by 2030.  

California is in talks about banning the combustion-engine car.  California is known to be one of the most “green states” in all of the United States.  Interestingly, in the same article, a Bloomberg Analyst notes that Lithium production will need to increase by 300% by 2030 to meet the demand for Electric Vehicles.  The article can be found here.

Quebec discussed the need for greater incentives for Electric Vehicles, Dubai introduced incentives for Electric Vehicles and NY state EV sales increased by 75% due to statewide incentives.  

BMW developed a pad to wirelessly charge Electric Vehicles.  

Dyson, more famously known for selling vacuums, has stated their intention to join the Electric Vehicle market. Read more here 

General Motors (GM) is working towards “an all-electric, zero-emissions future” detailed in a wired article titled “General Motors is going all electric.”  

Lithium Miner News:  

Chile saw no problem to the request put forth by Albemarle (ALB) to “hike their Lithium Output Cap.”

Pure Energy Minerals announced positive results from geophysical program at its Terra Cotta Lithium project in Argentina.  ICYMI, we had an interview with the CEO which can be found here 

The world’s largest miner, BHP, said that 2017 is the “tipping point” for electric cars.  

Pilbara Minerals, one of the next producers to join the Lithium Market in 2018, announced that their second stage expansion had reached an “off-take funding deal.”  In short, Great Wall Motor company has agreed to fund the expansion and also in the same deal agreed to an offtake agreement with the company.  

Matt Bohlsen’s Lithium miner news for September came out where our article on ALB was featured.   

Finally, in case you missed it, we published a piece titled “looking back on the Q3 Lithium Returns.”  We talk about the latest Lithium rally and what investors should keep in mind moving forward.  


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