Weekly News Update: Increasing Lithium Coverage & Continued EV Uptake

The latest news in the lithium space over the last week:

  • Oilprice.com featured an article on a new challenger to the Lithium Ion Battery. The new technology is only in development and should not be seen as a major challenger just yet.  It goes without saying, we at The Lithium Spot are closely monitoring any threats to the Lithium Ion Battery since this would quickly erode investment excitement in the Lithium mining industry.
  • Galaxy Resources filed their latest quarter.  In particular, it was really good to see their cash, lithium production, and lithium price received (+17%) increase.
  • Tesla’s model 3 continues facing challenges with their production line.  They reportedly fired hundreds of people.  As Elon Musk has often said….they are currently in the midst of “Production Hell.”  For more on this, see here.
  • Amazon successfully filed a patent for drones to one day recharge Electric Vehicles (EV).  
  • Paris came along and joined many other recent cities in banning all petrol and diesel cars.
  • A strategist came along and predicted that Oil prices would fall below $10 in the future due to the Electric Vehicle revolution.
  • A full write up on the Lithium space was covered by MarketWatch and Vice.   
  • The West Australian featured a piece on the Kwinana Lithium Processing Plan which could be the “world’s biggest” soon.  


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