Li Newsfeed, Chinese IPO, Auto Announcements and More!

From Tesla’s new unveiling, to a massive Chinese IPO, it was yet another busy week in the lithium space.  Here is a collection of the most interesting reads:

  • A new piece out of MIT analyzes whether metal raw material supplies will limit battery expansion.
  • Volkeswagen announced that it would spend $40B over the next five years developing electric cars, autonomous driving and other new technologies.
  • Another auto manufacturer, Daimler, announced that it will invest $755m in China for electric car and battery production.
  • The NY Times wrote an article exploring the diametrically opposite views projected by the governments of China and the US.  While China is supporting EVs and investing heavily in their uptake, the US is toying with the possibility of ending EV tax credits.
  • The Financial Times explored the impact of China’s electric car push, and the possibility of a shakeout in the Chinese auto industry taking place.
  • Last week, Reuter’s wrote a piece discussing Chinese battery giant, CATL’s, potential $2B IPO to fund expansion.  This capital raise will allow the company to boost its arsenal in a fight for market share in the rapidly growing electric car market.
  • In another piece out of Reuters, they explore the battle for lithium supremacy ensuing in South America between Argentina and Chile.
  • The Australian Financial Review wrote an interesting piece entitled Galaxy and Orocobre agree that the world will not get enough lithium in time.
  • Pure Energy Minerals announced an expansion to their project- it has entered into an asset purchase agreement to acquire contiguous claims to their Clayton Valley project.
    • We recently sat down with the CEO of Pure Energy, Patrick Highsmith, who gave us a lot of insights into the industry, their project, and their exciting new technology that is expected to allow them to profitably extract lithium from Nevada.
  • Tesla unveiled its new semi truck, which it announced will be able to go 500 miles on a single charge and operate at a lower cost than diesel trucks on the road today.  That’s a lot of promise for the company to deliver on.
  • Tucked into Tesla’s semi truck unveiling was a surprise new car– an update to its Roadster, which will now be able to go 620 miles on a single charge!
  • Finally, we read an interesting piece that echoed everything we’ve been hearing out of China- namely that Chinese EV makers are STARVING for lithium, and willing to purchase supply that has yet to be mined.


  • The latest piece in our partnership with Investing News Network discusses three takeaways on lithium investing from Goldman Sachs.
  • Our latest Seeking Alpha post went live discussing the crazy run up in Altura Mining’s shares, and our thoughts on it’s prospects going forward.
  • We did an interview with Guy Bourassa, the CEO of another up and coming junior miner, Nemaska Lithium.  In it, he discusses the lithium mining industry, EVs, and the potential of Nemaska to disrupt the space with their new technology.
  • Finally-  if like us, you are tired of going to different individual investor relations websites to see all of the latest news coming out for each company, then you are in luck!  We started a Lithium Newsfeed, which aggregates news from the various companies in one place.  
    • Our list is continually being updated, so please do not hesitate to reach out with miners that have not yet been included in the newsfeed!


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