WNU: Alibaba, Tesla Rivals, and Legendary Investors

Another busy week in the Lithium and EV space, luckily we’re here to recap it for you! Here are the biggest headlines from the past week:

  • Legendary investor Jeffrey Gundlach believes commodities are the best buy for 2018.
  • Bacanora Minerals released a feasibility study which valued their project at $1.25B, and estimated operating costs at $3,190/t.  The company believes they will be producing by 2019.
  • Toyota believes that half of their sales will come from EVs or Hybrids, projecting 5.5m hybrid and EV sales by 2030.
  • Hyundai, who has been relatively silent, announced changes to their car lineup to be more in line with their peers.
  • Bloomberg wrote an interesting piece on why the first million vehicles sold will have been the hardest for EVs.
  • Piedmont Lithium, who is looking to bring American lithium mining back, began an extensive drilling program at their North Carolina project.
  • Enerblu, a lithium battery maker announced that they will invest almost $400m into a new battery plant in Kentucky that will create 875 new fulltime jobs.
  • Alibaba has decided to sell Ford EVs via enormous automated vending machines.
  • Much has been made about the new Republican tax plan in the US.  Luckily, the EV tax credit has survived so far!
  • Sticking with tax rebates- Ontario is expected to introduce a plan giving tax rebates to electric truck buyers.
  • Chinese EV maker NIO has officially begun selling its first vehicle three years after the company was founded.  They have priced the car below rival car maker Tesla’s Model X.
  • From Simvest’s Newsletter– Bosch, the world’s largest automotive supplier, is considering investing €20B in 200GWh of battery cell production.
  • Thor Trucks revealed an electric semi truck to rival that of Tesla’s.  Tesla has already seen a healthy flow of pre-orders since unveiling theirs.
  • Audi announced that they will be releasing an electric sports car in 2020.  As Audi is known for sporty, high-powered, driving machines, this one will be one to look out for!
  • ICYMI: We took a look ahead on what’s in store for the lithium and EV space in 2018 in our 2018 Outlook post.
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