All The Lithium News That’s Fit To Print

Over the past week, the Lithium and EV related sector had many sensational announcements. Here are few of the ones that really caught our attention and our key takeaways on what occurred.  

  • Pilbara minerals came out with their stage 2 PFS which “paved the way” for a major expansion of the 100% owned Pilgangoora owned site.  Some interesting insights from the PFS announcement were:  
    • The assumed spodumene pricing that they used for their model was $594 instead of today’s price of ~$900.  As such, there could be further upside on their projections.  
    • The company is moving quickly on this project and there capital costs in the grand scheme of the financing world, are rather low.  The company hopes to begin construction on stage 2 by Q4 2018 and commissioning by Q4 2019.  The cost would be ~$200 Million.  
    • In general, we’ve been quite impressed by Pilbara Minerals.  You can learn more about Pilbara from our 2018 outlook and our most recent interview with the CEO Ken Brinsden found here.  


  • Speaking of Commissioning, Tawana Minerals became one of the first of the new producers in 2018 to commission their site. We most recently spoke of them in our 2018 outlook found here.  



  • BMW is on the verge of signing a multi year supply deal for Lithium and Cobalt.  Whichever producer is able to secure this deal, it would be a huge boon to their immediate future.  At the moment, it is complete speculation in terms of which producers will secure this partnership.



  • The age of Electric Cars has arrived according to Glencore, one of the most famous and respected mining companies worldwide.  In their tweet on the subject, they talked about the potential for the Nickel industry.  Interestingly, they did not talk at all about Lithium or Cobalt in their tweet or other most recent one’s.  


  • Like Glencore, BP in their annual energy outlook stated that there could be 300M electric cars by 2040.  Related to this point, they also exclaimed that Peak Oil is on its way.  


  • Ganfeng Lithium, one of the biggest Lithium companies in the world, filed to list their shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.  More on this to come at another point.  


  • Finally, ICYMI, we published our thoughts on the most recent FMC earnings report. ALB and SQM will be publishing their earnings reports over the next two weeks – stay tuned!