FMC, Tesla, Lithium Juniors and Much More

May 2, 2018

Here we discuss some of the latest headlines affecting the lithium space:

  • Starting off our latest lithium news installment is the first major lithium producer to report Q1 earnings.  FMC released earnings showing a 57% increase in its lithium business vs last year. Higher volume, hydroxide expansion in China, higher lithium prices and lower operating costs contributed to the company’s growth.  The outlook for the full year lithium forecast increased which clearly shows the lithium story continues.
  • Galaxy Resources confirmed rumors first reported in The Australian that the Chinese and Koreans were interested in a stake in their Sal De Vida project.  
  • Hot off the press, Mineral Resources is looking to sell a minority stake in its Wodgina Lithium project.  Earlier this week, Ken Brinsden CEO of Pilbara Minerals said that the sale of raw lithium exports (such as lithium from Wodgina) will be short lived.  He’s not the first nor the last to comment on the long term scale of what’s known as DSO.
  • Nemaska Lithium raised an additional $10M (USD) as they continue to raise capital for their lithium project.
  • Lithium land acquisition continues worldwide.  New Age Metals/Azincourt Energy acquired the Lithman East Extension Project, expanding their lithium project portfolio in southeast Manitoba.  
  • Desert Lion Energy delivered its first lithium shipment and joined the ranks of companies producing Lithium in 2018.  
  • The vice president of SQM stated in a Bloomberg article that “There is a legitimate concern on the side of battery manufacturers about long-term availability of supply.” Moreover, the lithium industry will require investment of “$10-$12 billion” in the next decade to meet demand. Also in the Bloomberg piece is commentary on the potential Tianqi stake in SQM which would mean 70% of the world’s Lithium production would be potentially controlled by the two companies.  
  • Tesla hosted it’s earnings call and confirmed that 2,000 orders had come in for it’s upcoming electric semi-truck.  
  • Volkswagen continues it’s sizeable investment into the EV space by declaring their intention to “build a massive electric car charging network across the U.S.”
  • ICYMI, we published an article titled “Is Lithium Just Another Commodity?”

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